Computer Hatred


Computer Hatred

This self-directed project is also another from my third year of University. The brief chosen was called ‘Expletive’, and the outcome simply had to represent the hatred towards something. Now this seemed pretty simple until I actually thought about everything that ‘grinds my gears!’, and by far the hardest bit was trying to pick something from the never-ending list I had got carried away with.

After thinking long and hard I finally narrowed down my initial ideas and came up with a concept to treat the hatred for computers as a medical condition. I thought this would be a niche and humorous idea because each one of us has had an insanity burst due to the lack of co-operation our computers sometimes have. This publication is a definitive self-help, information guide to the condition and treatment of Computer Hatred. I decided to present it in a medical/computer file style with the feel of an old medical text book running throughout. I printed this using the risograph printer for a layered/grainy finish, also giving it a more dated feel and including some visuals that feature deep inside a computer, such as the binary code. This is hidden within the French folds to create red edges throughout the pages relating back to anger and hatred.

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